Dear Adult, JTLYK about stories


Dear Adult,

Please let me write my own story.

I come from a better place than you do.




Before The Story

Before the anger

I was love

Before the silence

I was a song

Before the sorrow

I was joy

Before the dark

I was light

Before the tears

I was laughter

Before the war

I was peace

Before the hunger

I had plenty

Before the fear

I had hope

Before the cage

I was free

Before the poison

I was healthy

Before the nightmare

I had a dream

Before the story that you told me, I had a story of my own. My story was one of love, music, joy, light, laughter, peace, abundance, hope, freedom, health, imagination and creativity.

Let me show you my story before you tell me yours.

My future and the future of the world depends on it.

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