Dear Adult, JTLYK about Forgiveness

    When we focus on sorry and forgiveness as simply words expressed, we are somewhat misled into believing that the act of forgiveness can only happen in a physical and literal sense. We must say sorry out loud, someone must say sorry to us (preferably with witness) and we must announce the acceptance or […]

Dear Adult JTLYK about Gratitude

    As many of us move through life searching for meaning and purpose and often looking for grand experiences worthy of such definition, it could be argued that the meaning of life and our purpose here exists within one simple virtue –gratitude. Could gratitude really be the true meaning and purpose of our entire […]

Dear Adult, JTLYK about LOVE

  Exactly 10 years ago today, I discovered the meaning of an entire universe conspiring to bring two people together. It’s a long story but in short, I was travelling, I followed an illy coffee sign into a bar, I ordered a coffee and then took a liking to a retro Campari ashtray on my […]