Dear Adult JTLYK about Comparing

My family and I are in a little fishing village on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia at the moment. We walked past a row of fig trees in between the ruins of forgotten stone houses and I couldn’t help but think that in Melbourne, the fruit of these trees would probably have a net worth […]

Dear Adult JTLYK about Identity

I have to smile whenever I am asked the very common question about my identity. “Where are you from?” This question amuses me beyond words. I am always tempted to say something like; I come from an infinite space not visible in the third dimension. But I want to have friends, so I don’t say […]

Dear Adult JTLYK about Money

Is money a friend or an enemy? Is it something we love or hate? Is money good or evil? Will money solve problems or create them? Will money lead us to truth or will it seduce us into telling lies? Does money increase our wellbeing or does it make us sick? One of my personal […]

Dear Adult JTLYK about Creating

Let’s start with the many available definitions of the word create. (or, if you’re not in the mood for a trip down grammar memory lane – just scroll down to the Dear Adult section) Create (verb) creates, creating, created To create something is to make it exist. Synonyms for create conceive, constitute, construct, design, devise, discover, […]

Dear Adult, JTLYK about stories

Dear Adult, Please let me write my own story. I come from a better place than you do. YW     Before The Story Before the anger I was love Before the silence I was a song Before the sorrow I was joy Before the dark I was light Before the tears I was laughter […]

Dear Adult JTLYK about Power

Power in it’s literal meaning is; the capacity and ability to do something in a particular way. Yet power, thanks to history, as well as the current state of the world, does not have the same meaning to most of us anymore. Maybe it’s because we have built systems where positions and titles are seen as […]

In the eyes of a child

Hello and welcome to my first post. The ideas that I share about life and all the aspects of it are forever changing and evolving through conversations with other like-minded people and interestingly, with people who hold very different beliefs to me. My stories have mostly been shaped by the little people I spend a […]